We create a safe and supportive environment

Participants supporting and encouraging each other
We know that you may be nervous about attending the course. So we’ve carefully structured the course to create a safe and supportive environment.

“Tony and Olivia are fantastic presenters who understand deeply the psychological states of their course participants. You will feel enabled and empowered to make better presentations.”
Kate Shaw, Employment Consultant

You may be worried that you’ll be asked to do things you’re not comfortable with, or that you may feel embarrassed. Here’s a list of things that won’t happen:

  • You won’t have to introduce yourself to the group at the beginning of the course
  • You won’t be made to feel silly because of your fears
  • You won’t have to present to the whole group
  • You won’t be videoed.

“I was expecting to hate every minute of the course. However despite my apprehension the trainers and the course structure did a great job of building my confidence.”
Glen Young, Webmaster, Horizons Regional Council

“Your passion for the subject is infectious, and your ability to create such a safe and supportive environment is a credit to your professionalism. I actually enjoyed participating, and by the end of the course I felt like I was with a group of friends, and I wanted to carry on practicing!”
Helen Parkes, Principal Consultant, Purple Consulting

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“It was so much fun”

Tony sharing a laugh with two participants
You’ll be learning heaps, but we make it enjoyable too.

“The instructors are very understanding of your needs, they are extremely encouraging and make the course fun with humour added.”
Fleur Watson, Strategy and Finance Advisor, Meridian Energy

“I was an unwilling candidate, and was very pleasantly surprised! I would recommend it because of the fun and relaxed way it is presented; The instructors put us at ease and allowed us to really enjoy what could have been a pretty stressful experience.”
Jay Jefferies, Office Manager, Gas Industry Company Ltd

“Actually LIFE CHANGING! It was so much fun and I was not bored for a minute- which is crazy for me!”
Becky Grooby, Ag in Schools Manager, Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre