You’ll get our book, follow-up coaching and many other bonuses

1. “How to design and deliver a presentation with confidence”

Our book is a reference guide to everything that we cover on the course. That means if you don’t want to take notes, you don’t have to. You can just sit back and enjoy the day – knowing you’ll have all the information at your fingertips in the future.

The book covers a lot more than what we cover on the course. You’ll also get:

  • A handy checklist for ‘away-from-home’ presentations so that you don’t forget anything critical for the success of your presentation
  • How to troubleshoot your laptop and datashow projector so that you don’t melt in a heap before your presentation even starts
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to replicate the clever effects you’ll see us use in PowerPoint
  • How to handle difficult questions without breaking a sweat

This is the same book that participants on our more advanced courses receive, so you’ll also get extra detail and depth on the topics that we covered on the course.

“Course notes and tools were exceptional and I will use them time and time again, without doubt.”
Jacsinta Lukatelich. Shell Todd Oil Services

“I really liked how comprehensive the workbook was, which allowed us to pay attention and not worry about taking notes on every detail.”
Bridget Neylan, Operator Rating System Manager, New Zealand Transport Agency

“Handout material was fantastic -good detail, easy to follow and clear to pick up and just use.”
Jeff Flavell, Manager, Department of Conservation

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2. Thirty minutes coaching to help you prepare for your first presentation after the course

We know that a one-day course can’t achieve everything. The real test will come when you do you first presentation after the course. To help you prepare for that presentation we’ll spend 30 minutes with you on the phone, via email or using online meeting software. Here’s how you could use this:

  • Extra coaching on using techniques to reduce your nervousness
  • Help with the structure and flow of your presentation
  • Review of your PowerPoint slides
  • Rehearse your presentation and get feedback.

“I contacted Tony and Olivia to get help with an important presentation. I was promoting our programmes to schools and I was struggling to come up with a key message that would resonate with the audience. Tony gave me a clear direction and talked me through planning my presentation step-by-step. I was thrilled with how the presentation went. People came up to me afterwards and said how interesting and useful it was, but more importantly a number of schools who had resisted in the past, have now come on board. I got heaps from doing the course, but getting that additional help for this presentation was really helpful. The follow-up service from Effective Speaking was excellent.”
Becky Grooby, Ag in Schools Manager, Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre

3. Regular reminders of what you learnt on the course

Icon - MailYou can choose to subscribe to our 20-part post-course email programme. You receive an email once a week reminding you of the concepts that we covered on the course. We’ll also give you tips on how to apply what you learnt in everyday conversation so that even if you don’t have to deliver a formal presentation for a while, you’ll be able to apply what you learnt on the course.

4. One hundred dollar discount on our two-day premium course

At some point in the future you may feel ready to learn more about presenting. We’ll give you one hundred dollars off the cost of our premium two-day presentation skills course. The course is limited to six participants so you get lots of one-on-one coaching, you’ll present to the group and receive video feedback. It’s an intense and challenging learning experience.